TEveTrackPropagator in JSROOT

Dear JSROOT developers,

I’m trying to load tracks from a VSD file
(something very similar to what this LoadEsdTracks function does
https://github.com/AliceO2Group/AliceO2/blob/dev/EventVisualisation/Detectors/src/DataInterpreterVSD.cxx#L117), but I have encountered a problem - unlike in the Extract Tracks example (https://root.cern/js/latest/api.htm#ttree_extract_tracks), tracks in my VSDs have no arrays of points in them, they need to be “simulated” by the TEveTrackPropagator class (like in the mentioned function from O2).

Is this supported in JSROOT? I couldn’t find anything propagator-related in the sources.

Hi @nowakowp,
this is a question for @bellenot or @linev (when they are back from vacation :smiley: ). Please ping us if you don’t hear anything in a week or so.



There is no functionality of TEveTrackPropagator in JSROOT.
All track points should be produced in ROOT code before they can be displayed with JSROOT.


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