TEveQuadSet print on click?


Do I understand it right that it’s default behavior for the rectangle quad elements of a TEveQuadSet to call Print() of the referenced TObject?

In the quadset.C tutorial, each quad element is given a TNamed* as its quad id. If I uncomment the lines

q->SetPickable(1); q->SetAlwaysSelect(1);

lines then I can see the fName of the TNamed* appear in the tooltip. However, no combination of clicking on my MacBook produces any output in my shell - is it supposed to?

If I right-click on the quad, and choose DumpSourceObject or PrintSourceObject I get:

Is that a different object from the one set by QuadId method?




Yes, source object is an additional TRef in TEveElement allowing an external TObject to be associated with given TEveElement.

In principle all the peculiarities should be listed here:
you might also be interested in using SetAlwaysSecSelect(kTRUE).