Dear rooters,
I have problem with displaying projection. I load geometry from file and get TGeoTop Node

TGeoNode* N= gGeoManager->GetTopNode(); TEveGeoTopNode* TNod=new TEveGeoTopNode(gGeoManager, N); TNod->SetVisLevel(1); gEve->AddGlobalElement(TNod); //this draw 3D and it always work gEve->FullRedraw3D(kTRUE); fEvent= gEve->AddEvent(this); AliEveMultiView *multi = new AliEveMultiView(); TEveElementList *fake_geom = new TEveElementList("Geometry"); fake_geom->AddElement(TNod); multi->ImportGeomRPhi(fake_geom); gEve->FullRedraw3D(kTRUE);
The idea is that i put this TNod into fake_geometry and set to the AliEveMutliView class (this class should draw projection). Unfortunatelly instead of projection I receive small black window.
What is interesting that if I add some TEve objects into fake_geom (TGeoShape) it’s work, so it’s seems to not be problem of this Multi class.


Projections don’t work on TGeo geometries … you have to extract shapes / matrices of pieces you want to show. You can do it with a program, see this example from ALICE:
alisoft.cern.ch/viewvc/trunk/EVE … ot=AliRoot
or use the TEveGeoNodes in the GUI list-tree to expand geometry to the level you want and then call:
root.cern.ch/root/htmldoc/TEveGe … aveExtract
on the TEveGeoTopNode (or a sub-node) to get the extract exported. There is tutorials/eve/show_extract.C demos that displays it (takes file name as argument).

I found solution by:

so I marked topic as solved. And thansk for help.