TEvePointSet, different colors for each marker?


Is it possible to have differen colors for each marker of the TEvePointSet? With the DigiSets (like TEveBoxSet) this is possible and a great feature. I’d like to use markers, since they keep having the same size independent of the zoom (and thus don’t dissapear when seen from far away).


Hi Peter,

I would prefer to add marker-drawing to QuadSet that to add color support to PointSet – although both make sense :slight_smile: And neither is really trivial to implement. When would you need that?

You can call TEveDigitSet::SetAntiFlick(kTRUE) … this draws an extra pixel on every quad so that the quads do not dissapear from screen.


Hi Matevz,

I’ll try the “setantiflick” feature, … in fact this might be exactly what I need. So far I drew a quadset and a pointset at the same place to mimick such a feature.