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Dear Rooters,
I have following problem. I have Event Display with V0 particles, V0 is one TEveTrack with two “daughter/elements” - TEveTracks that represent the decay products.
However I have problem with “highlighting” them - when I click on V0, negative or positive daughter only one TEveTrack is “highlighted”, Is it possible to highlight all three TEveTracks? Just like for TPointSet3D - here when i click on one point all of them are highlighted. I thought that CSCImplySelectAllChildren solves (at leas problem with highlighting daughters of V0) but it doesn’t work.

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IIRC, CSC is for compounds only, so you should put all your items into a single TEveCompound.

You probably also have to set selection mode to “master” (this is compounds and possible projectable parents):

If you can’t get it to work, make me a simple example and I’ll fix it for you.


I added track and hits to compound object, but still - when I set point only point is highlighted, if I set track - only track is highlighted.

Hmmh, did you also set the SetPickToSelect()? Can you post a reporoducer, please?


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