TEve, DigitColor, transparency

Dear ROOT team,

I draw a TEveBoxSet and I would like to set the transparency of each digit independenly. I use:
void DigitColor(Color_t ci, Char_t transparency)
to set the color and the transparency. The setting of the color works fine, but setting the transparency doesn’t seem to change anything. I tried values from 0 to 255, 95 and other values, but all boxes stay always fully opaque.

Do I have to set a flag for the TEveBoxSet before the transparency can be set for each digit individually?


Hi Peter,

You have to SetMainTransparency() to a non-zero value … this way the scene-renderer will turn on blending when drawing this object.

To do it properly, the rendering would need to be done in two stages — drawing the opaque boxes on first pass and the transparent ones on the second one. I have this on my to do list.