I have moved from the Cygwin to the Linux. My event generatore gives NAN for all the event parameters while it is working fine in the Cygwin.
I tried these commands:

root [51] gSystem.Load(“libPhysics.so”)
root [52] .L $ROOTSYS/lib/libPhysics.so
root [53] .x $ROOTSYS/test/TestVectors.cxx

and I am wodering what is going on?! Perhaps it might be a stupid mistake somewhere but I can not see it.

Any comment is Highly appreciated.
Best regards,

You made at least one stupid mistake: you forgot to post your script.



test/TestVectors.cxx works for me. As Rene pointed out we need a way to reproduce your problem. I did: root [0] gSystem->Load("libPhysics"); root [1] .x $(ROOTSYS)/test/TestVectors.cxx (int)0 root [2]
Cheers, Axel