Testing in ROOT (cppunit)

Dear all,

after my first experience with testing some ROOT classes I was curious as to how ROOT itself is tested.
Since I couldn’t find anything in the repository, I asked one of the admins.

In order to be found by everyone I was asked to post my question in the forum.

Here is the answer:

[quote=“Axel”]We use a separate roottest svn repository, see
svn co root.cern.ch/svn/roottest/trunk
or root.cern.ch/viewvc/trunk/?root=roottest

Our test results:

Cheers, Axel.

One question which is open:
Does an overview of the code coverage exist?

Thanks for the answer again!


for coverage see e.g.
lcgapp.cern.ch/spi/aaLibrarian/n … index.html

lcgapp.cern.ch/spi/cgi-bin/night … r=projects

should show the most recent coverage numbers. (The system is a bit flaky… it’s not always ROOT’s fault if the tests fail)

Cheers, Axel.