TEntryListFromFile and TChain?

Dear All,

I get hard time to understand the class TEntryListFromFile. I maybe need some help… :unamused:
More precisely I am using TChain to add a list of files as following:

TChain *ch = new TChain("mytree"); ch->Add("./hist-*.root");

In my current directory ./ there are files named :


According to the documentation and some threads in this forum, I understood that I should create files named as following : hist-XXX_elist.root
So I put my entrylists here : ./elist1/hist-XXX_elist.root

Then I would like to load the correct elist files using TChain::SetEntryListFromFile(); according to the wildcard that I use to load my TChain. Sometimes, I have to use something similar to the following wildcard : “hist-26329*.root”. So I would only load the hist-26329*_elist.root.

So to simplify everything I first would like to work with only one rootfile.
So, I used the following code :

TChain *ch = new TChain("mytree"); ch->Add("./hist-263294.root"); ch->SetEntryListFromFile("elist1/hist-263294_elist.root");
In the documentation they are referring to the function SetEntryList, but it mess up when I try to use it.
At this moment I only get this message :

I checked my EntryList it contains events, I used it manually by myself!

Do I correctly understand the situation ? Someone could help me to solve my problem ?
Thank you very much !

I was just wondering also, whetherthis kind of class can easily combine TEntryList or is it limited ?

Thanks again !