Templated Parameters in Method Lists

Hi, I am noticing that a lot of space is wasted in the documentation pages because templated parameters are listed out rather than labelled as “T” or something. For example here:


many methods (Min, Max, Mean for example) are listed multiple times for each kind of argument: Int_t, UInt_t, Long64_t, etc. If one clicks on the actual method name to find the description however, as here:


we see a description of only each explicitly overloaded method, not one entry per templated type. In fact, depending on which TMath::Mean method one clicks, the link may or may not work. (e.g. the root.cern.ch/root/html/TMath.html#TMath:Mean@1 and such links do not work).

I understand that the documentation is auto-generated from the header files, but surely there is some option to not explicitly list every basic type for a templated method, but instead to only list the explicitly overloaded methods. Similarly, it should be possible to click on any of the method links and find the relevant description, one shouldn’t have to dig.

If this were changed, finding information about methods would be much easier, and the overall documentation would be more compact.



Thanks for your suggestion!

The underlying cause is that THtml relies on CINT, and CINT has no notion of templates, only of template instances.

We will revisit this some time after ROOT 6.

Cheers, Axel.