Template pair, reverse_iterator, vector duplicate definition

I’ve forgotten how to overcome the following problem (could someone, please, remind me how to get rid of these warnings) … take a simple “trial.cxx”: #include <vector> void trial(void) {} and then try:
root [0] .x trial.cxx
root [1] .x trial.cxx
Warning: template pair duplicate definition /…/v5-34-18/cint/cint/stl/_pair.h:31:
Warning: template reverse_iterator duplicate definition /…/v5-34-18/cint/cint/stl/_iterator.h:269:
Warning: template vector duplicate definition /…/v5-34-18/cint/cint/stl/_vector.h:44:

Same question (for "#include ") here: “Reloading a macro that uses STL map

I have exactly the same problem. Are there any solutions around? Thanks a lot!


I have this problem also! It would be nice if a solution was found!

I am afraid the solution is called ROOT 6.