Template Morphing in 2D

Dear Experts,

I have a number of TH2s representing two dimensional mass distributions of a particular signal. I would like to somehow interpolate between these histograms to generate similar distributions for signals which I did not simulate (specifically, bbetween the masses that I simulated, I don’t want to extrapolate, just interpolate).

I know how to do this in for TH1s, but can’t find examples or supporting documentation for a TH2. Is this possible? Is there a known way to do this?

Thank you, as usual, for your help,

  • Osh

Hello @osh,

I am inviting @moneta to this thread. I think he may know the answer to your question.


Just replying to the thread to keep it alive, in case @moneta has an idea.


You should look at the RooMomentMorph* classes in RooFit where morphing for the multi-dimenisonal case is implemented. There is also a paper describing the procedure,


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