TDOMParser.h not found in v5.26

I’ve intalle root v5.26 un my pc (SL5). I cannot find the TDOMParser.h file in the include directory, while it is present in older releases.
Should so I move to them?



did you build ROOT yourself? configure needs to find libxml2 for lib/libXMLIO.* to be built (TDOMParser.h is a part of it). Check your config.log to see whether it was found, or just install libxml2-devel and re-run configure (making sure it now enables the xml module, see the summary line at the end of configure’s output) and then run make again.

Cheers, Axel.


I am using ROOT (5.34/01) locally built on my Ubuntu (12.04.1 LTS). Works well so far.
Now I am installing SUSYTools 01-10 and Rootcore is having issues to compile.
All went smoothly until the configuration when I had to tweak things
(modified line 1620 of Rootcore configure file by: ROOT_MAKE="/home/davidc/ROOT/root/etc/Makefile.arch" )

I am stuck while running the command:

It says:

compiling /home/davidc/Workarea/signal_study/Truth_Study/v2_gridMap/GoodRunsLists
Making dependency for …/Root/TGoodRunsListReader.cxx
…/Root/TGoodRunsListReader.cxx:16:24: fatal error: TDOMParser.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
make: *** No rule to make target ../obj/TGoodRunsListReader.d', needed bydefault’. Stop.
failed to compile package /home/davidc/Workarea/signal_study/Truth_Study/v2_gridMap/GoodRunsLists

Indeed my TDOMParser.h is missing.
The package libxml2 is installed. An aptitude search on libxml2-devel is shortly displaying some lines in my terminal but then they disappear!
Installing libxml2-devel returns:
E: Unable to locate package libxml2-devel

I guess my ROOT hasn’t been built completely correctly, although I could run it without any problem so far.
I would like to know if there is a quick way to get Rootcore working locally on my laptop
(if possible without having to rebuild the whole thing but if you think it is more robust and necessary, I will do it)

Thanks in advance,



It might have increased visibility to post a new topic. I assume just like above, libxml2-dev (Ubuntu calls it “-dev”, not “-devel”) wasn’t available, so please install that, then rebuild root, then rebuild your application.

Cheers, Axel.