TDatime and dates prior to 1995

Hello, I am plotting time chart data using the TDatime tool.
Unfortunately I have some data with a timestamp prior to 1995. What can I do? Is there a simple way to by-pass this issue?
My data file is like this:

07/06/1991 5.164
10/06/1991 5.164
11/06/1991 5.164
12/06/1991 5.164
13/06/1991 5.164
14/06/1991 5.164
17/06/1991 5.164

and in the loop I have implemented in my code I fill:

TDatime t(year,month,day,hour,min,sec);

For what I am doing, I set hour=12, min=00, sec=00 (it’s more than enough!).
Can you help me?
Thanks a lot in advance

use TTimeStamp instead


Hello Rene, thanks a lot, it works.