TDatime and CEST time

Hello, I am plotting a rate as a function of time (in the format 10/09/2009 17:11:52).
In the plot the time “17:11:52” is plotted as “15:11:52”.
I don’t really know what I can do to plot the correct time stamp.
I attach here both the macro and the data file.
Thanks for your help!
RICH1_Cosmic_1.C (3.08 KB)

Dear Davide,

You forgot to attach the data.
However, in your loop reading the data you are explicitly asking for conversion to GMT:

      X2[i] = t.Convert(1)-X0;

Could you try with:

      X2[i] = t.Convert(kFALSE)-X0;


G. Ganis

Hello, sorry for the delay.
YEs I forgot the data file.
Anyway, using your suggestion, it works!
Thanks a lot!!!