TDataFrame Suggest: !Filters

I’m not sure if suggestions should be made here but I have one.

Often we want to separate two classes of events, those passing a cut, vs those not passing a cut.

If I define a lambda like this

auto cut = [](bool b) {return b == true;};

I’d like to do something like this.

ROOT::Experimental::TDataFrame df("T", "file.root");

As of now this returns an error. Is anything like this possible/coming in the foreseeable future?

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we take note of this request: it makes sense.


Hi Noah,
I agree with Danilo that is a good idea to offer some syntactic sugar for this case.
In the meanwhile, this is as good and performant as it gets:

auto cut = [](bool b) {return b == true;};
auto notcut = [&](bool b) { return !cut(b); }; 


Hi Noah, you can copy over the TDF::Not experimental implementation here if you are sorely missing the feature.


Thanks, this works perfectly.

For future reference/searches: master now has ROOT/TDFHelpers.hxx which implements TDF::Not which implements a slightly better version of my gist above.
It will be part of the next ROOT release, v6.13

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