TCutG used in TCut

Dear ROOTers,
In a 2D histogram I have selected an area on the plot by a graphical cut and named it as “cut12_13”. Now I want to use the gcut area as a condition for the TCut tool and draw another 1D or 2D histogram satisfying the condition. Something like, 1st and 2nd hits should fall in that particular area and then I like to plot the 3rd hit or vice versa.
How should I imply this. Or there is some other method through which I can do the same job. Kindly suggest.

Wish you all a very happy New Year.

Example using the hsimple.root file from teh ROOT tutorial hsimple.C

root [0] ntuple.Draw("px:py") create a TCutG with teh graphics editor and named it "mycut" then create a TCut using the normal boolean operations root [1] TCut cut1="pz<2 && mycut" root [2] ntuple.Draw("px:py",cut1)