TCUTG data points

_How can I get the number of data points inside a TCutG

_ROOT Version:_6
Platform: Ubuntu 18.04
Compiler: Not Provided

TCutG::GetN() (see the TCutG class documentation)

I am not getting what GetN() will return.

It returns fNpoints. See TGraph::GetN() and its source code

Ok Sir.

Is Get(“char_name”) a valid expression

What do you mean? In Which context?

I am working on a Root script written by someone. They have used this expression

alpha_03_gate = (TCutG*)gate03_file->Get(“alpha_gate_03”);

I am not understanding what this expression will return.

It will return a pointer to a TCutG. And what you’re looking at is TFile::Get(const char *namecycle)

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