TControlBar 'horizontal' appears 'vertical' with root v4

When I switched to root v4, all 'TControlBar’s constructed in macros executed interactuvely appeared vertical, although they are specifically constructed with the ‘horizontal’ option. Anybody else ever seen this? Any suggestion what is going wrong? Thanks!
ControlBar.C (352 Bytes)


I have run your macro and I got a horizontal control bar - the attached ControlBargif file shows it. Changing the “horizontal” option to “verticar” creates a vertical control bar - ContrlBar_v.gif shows this case. I cannot see the problem using linux RH 7.3, gcc 3.2.

Cheers, Ilka

Hi Ilka,

Thanks, strangely, I see vertical bars in both cases with 4.04, whereas everything seems fine for v3.10.02 … I am using RH9 and gcc 3.2.2.

There was a fix about the control bar orientation in February,i.e. you might use a version of ROOT before this fix. Could you please make tests with latest ROOT?

Thank you, Ilka

I am using root 4.00/04, which accoridng to is the latest version.


I downloaded and did tests with version 4.04. Your macro runs as it should with both options.

Cheers, Ilka

Ok, I got it … :wink:

The problem is that I used ‘horizontal’ when I ment ‘vertical’ (for about a year;), but that actually the old ROOT always made vertical bars only. So it is all good now, probably due to the bug fix mentioned by you, and all I need to do is understand that ‘vertical’ is what I want …

Thanks anyway!