TControlBar - Coordinates Problem

_ROOT Version: 6.18/04
_Platform: Linux Kubuntu
_Compiler: VS Code

I can’t set the coordinates of the ControlBar

  Int_t w = 4000;
    Int_t h = 200;

    TControlBar *cb = new TControlBar("vertical", "Initialisation", w, h);

    cb->AddButton("test", "int k = 2; cout << k << endl;", "test");
    cb->AddButton("quit", ".q;", "quit test");


Add those lines after cb->Show();:

   TRootControlBar *rcb = (TRootControlBar *)cb->GetControlBarImp();
   rcb->Move(1200, 800); // or any x,y values
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Thank you. It works perfectly.

Can you give me a brief explanation why it didn’t work or how you figured it out (solution).

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TControlBar is actually not the window you see on screen. What you see is a TRootControlBar (which is what gets returned by GetControlBarImp())

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1 more question and done…

For what are than w and h for in constructor (or just in general Int_t x, and Int_t h)

TControlBar *cb = new TControlBar("vertical", "Initialisation", w, h);

Looking at the TControlBar class documentation, I would say it should be the initial position of the control bar, multiplied by the screen factor, whatever that means…