TClonesArray Name

Hello Rooters,

I have a little issue with my TClonesArray…
In fact I store TClonesArray in a TObjArray, and at the end of my program I have to fill a tree with this TObjArray…

Anyway, when I start the TBrowser: I see always the same branch. My diagnostic is: all my branches have the same name because all the TClonesArray have the same name (they use the same class).

I would like to know if there is any way for me to give a specific name to all my branches??? it means to give a different name to all my TClonesArray

Convert_Narval.cxx (11.8 KB)

Simply give a different name to each TClonesArray
TClonesArray* clones;


Hum I fell ashamed when I saw how simply it was…


It is I have not seen that function in the TClonesArray description on the web.

Anyway thanks a lot!