TClonesArray in a Tree

I’m asking help for a Tree which I would like to write following the example on Root Tutorials.
I’ve done my classes and I;ve produced the relative shared library.
(no compiling problems)
The classes are SingleEvent, which refer to a TClonesArray of CLuster object, the Cluster
class is also defined and put in the same shared library.
I apparently managed to set all the class member and also to fill the TClonesArray, but
the program doesn’t manage to retrieve the information from the TClonesArray and it
crash the first time it fill the tree. I’m using root 3.03 with compiler 2.95.
Somebody would be give me HELP !?!?!?!?!

Thanks, Paola
brun.tar.gz (2.79 KB)

You had many problems in your implementation.
See the new file in attachement and watch carefully the diffs with your original version.
To run the test, simply do:
root -b bug.C

I strongly encourage you to move to a more recent version. For your info we will release 4.02/00 in a few days. But my test should work with all versions of ROOT.

brun2.tar.gz (2.44 KB)