TChain Seg violation

Having chained together ‘outTree’ from different .root files and successfully used the template produced by MakeClass as follows:

TChain chain(“outTree”);

I find that if I try to open a tfile within the macro template HistogramChain.C, I get a segmentation violation. Print statements show it is just from opening this file, I do nothing else before this. The file is not part of the TChain.

If I add this:

if (f->IsZombie()) {
      cout << "Error opening file" << endl;

directly after the declaration TFile *f = new TFile(“ROC.root”); which is causing the problem, it doesn’t enter the zombie loop.

Why would this be causing a problem and is there a way to solve it?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

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Could you share the actual source file and the actual, complete error message / stack trace etc you get? Which ROOT version, which platform?

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