TChain problems when more than 1 file in chain

Hi All,

sorry I accidently started this thread in the Docu section …

I managed to use TChain now but it only works when I use 1 input file.
When I add a second one it recognises it and shows twice the amount of events but all variables are 0 now …

Giving the two files separately it is ok, but not one after the other.

I do:
TChain* t_btag = new TChain(“BTag”);


and later the event cycle. So if I add more than 1 file it does not work anymore. All entries of the tree “BTag” are 0 then but it show 100 input events instead of 50 with one file.

What am I doing wrong now?

I also tried addFile, and setBranchStatus("*", 1) to activate everything (got that from the docu) but nothing helps - it does not read it properly anymore.

Thanks a lot!

One cannot point to an error if you don’t provide actual piece of code which gives you trouble…

mean lean down to essence of the problem piece of code is needed.