TChain::Merge with a TTree cut or TEventList set


I’d like to know whether there is a way to merge a TChain under a certain selection condition (e.g. with a TEventList), so that the output tree/file size is reduced relativ to the summed up file sizes.

I used to first merge everything without selection and afterwards reduce the file size by switching off branches and applying a TEventList before doing a TTree::CopyTree. However I’d like to avoid the time consuming creation of a 30GB TFile.

Is there a smart way to do so?

Best regards and thanks,

ROOT Version: 6.10-08
Platform: Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie)
Compiler: Not Provided

@pcanal can you give a hand with this one? Thanks!

apriori you can just run the switching off and applying a TEventList and doing a TTree::CopyTree directly on the original TChain.


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