TChain in Root 6.12.06 - Break Segmentation

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ROOT Version: 6.12.06
Platform: Ubuntu 18.04.03
Compiler: Not Provided

I’ trying to run this code, do it for run in ROOT5.34.36, but I upload the programs and system and now when I run in ROOT6.12.06 give me a break segmentation error that I don’t know what it is, could you help me?

The link bellow there was the C file (sum.C) and root file used in the C file.


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Make sure that ALL pointers are initialized to 0 before they are used in “SetBranchAddress”.

Are those pointers initialized to 0 must be int or double or even those who are strings?

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Thanks it fix!

When I initialized to 0 all pointers, include the strings, worked.

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