TChain error: "no matching member function for call to 'SetBranchAddress"

I am trying to use TChain to load the root files below and access the branch named “signal” inside those root files. The “signal” branch has 1001 entries and each entry is an array of size 128.

I followed the tutorials up to the point of “ch1->SetBranchAddress(“signal”,signal);” and then the error of "“no matching member function for call to 'SetBranchAddress” appeared. What am I missing here?
My code and files are as follows:
analysis.C (972 Bytes)
7_04mm.root (172.6 KB)
7_05mm.root (172.1 KB)
7_06mm.root (172.6 KB)
Thank you.

    Int_t signal[128];
    ch1->SetBranchAddress("signal", signal); // signal[128]/I

In the end of your routine, add: delete ch1; // cleanup