Tchain draw 3d histogram


I’m running to problems trying to draw to a 3d histogram with proof from a TChain. It seems proof runs the TProofDrawPolyMarker3D selector by default when I do:

TH3D* myHist = new TH3D("myHist","myHist",10,0,10,10,0,10");

Annoyingly this also goes and replaces my histogram with a TH3F (which I assume is the frame from the polymarker3d). I certainly dont want that to happen

so myHist isn’t getting filled. What’s the option I need to get this to work? Thanks

I managed to reproduce the problem, which is likely due to a bug affecting the >1 dimensions cases.
I’ll try to understand is there a workaround other than writing a TSelector to fill the histograms.