TCastorFile and TRFIOFile

Hi all,
i wrote a program to read/write data on CASTOR (at CERN) while the program is running on LXPLUS/LXBATCH. Originally the program was written using TRFIOFile classes in order to remotely access the files; yesterday i’ve tried to use TCastorFile since i’ve received some suggestions that it could work better that TRFIOFile (uses a different daemon). However not the program gives a segmentation fault when i try to close the file that i’ve actually opened and on which i’ve put some data.

Is it a known issue similar to what is written here

Thanks in advance,

Hi Marco,

Which versions of ROOT and CASTOR are you using?
I am not able to reproduce the problem with a simple macro using the versions available on AFS LCG external (root 5.15.04, castor 2.2.1-4).

Could you provide the simplest code giving the segv ?

G. Ganis