TCanvas size

Dear developers

My mac has ROOT6.28/04 via Homebrew. Today, I’d like to ask about the changes of TCanvas specifications. In the old version (ROOT6.26/06), TCanvas without Editor maybe has the dimensions of 600 x 600 if I define TCanvas as

TCanvas* c0 = new TCanvas(“c0”, “c0", 30, 30, 600, 600)

(tcanvas_wo_editor.png). However, currently, the size of Editor is included in TCanvas size when I set

TCanvas* c0 = new TCanvas(“c0”, “c0", 30, 30, 600, 600)

(tcanvas_w_editor.png). It became harder to depict graph with square size. Thus, I’d love to get the old specs, again (in my opinion).

Best, KS.

TCanvas* c0 = new TCanvas("c0", "c0", 30, 30, 600, 600);

this defines the window size, not the canvas size. To control the canvas size, you need to add


see the Documentation.

Thank you.

I checked the Documentation. I understand.

See also one issue with tcanvas size TCanvas size is inconsistent in batch vs non-batch mode · Issue #11004 · root-project/root · GitHub