Tcanvas rendered in black in batch mode

Yes you are right, this solves the “black” problem.
However, I still have a problem with my divided canvas, since only the right panel shows the histogram (see attached file), although this seems only to append with my “complete” code (i.e. a TSelector::Terminate method). I will investigate and get back to you.


With the “fix” I sent you your macro gives me the correct picture:

Yes. The small macro gives the right result.
Now if I copy this macro (as it except I don’t read the file and the histograms are one of the histograms of a TH1F** or TH2F** respectively Ex[2] and EvsTh[2]) into the TSelector::Terminate() then it does not work.


Any way I have found something wrong in the marker drawing (in batch) using your macro. I’ll fix it.

This problem (the one your macro pointed) is not fixed in the SVN trunk. Thanks to have reported it.

I investigated what sounded like a bug in my code then.
I found that this is not a bug in my code but if I replace:

c3->Print("result.gif") ;


TImageDump *imgdump = new TImageDump("result.gif");
TImage *img = imgdump->GetImage();

As suggested in … =gif+black
then it give me the picture with a white, blank space on left as the one attached in the post of Mon Mar 03, 2008 @ 16:49


As I said, with the last fix I did your macro now works. It would be great if you can use the svn trunk. If there is yet an other bug can you send me an other macro showing the problem ?

I updated from svn.

I tested the macro with TCanvas::Print() and no SetMarkerSize : the black disappear. Good.

And yes, the “blank” part also disappeared .

Thank you very much for your help.