TBuffer question

I have a streamer that reads with TMyClass::Class()->ReadBuffer(R__b,this)I would like to know what the class version I am reading is. If I useVersion_t R__v = R__b.ReadVersion(&R__s, &R__c)before calliong ReadBuffer() - it advances the buffer position. How do I backup? Or is there another way to get the class version I’m currently reading? Thanks.
I am using 5.06/00 and am reading root files created with root version streaching back to 3.02. Thanks.
Ed Oltman

Hi Ed,

When calling this incarnation of ReadVersion, you must also call the other incarnation of ReadBuffer, eg:

UInt_t R__s, R__c; Version_t R__v = R__b.ReadVersion(&R__s, &R__c); if (R__v > 5) { TAxis::Class()->ReadBuffer(R__b, this, R__v, R__s, R__c); return; }


Thanks Rene - that does it.