TBrowser WSL starts in the web browser

_ROOT Version: 6.25/01
_Platform: Windows 10 WSL 1 Ubuntu 20.04

Dear Root team,
I have installed root with WSL 1 on windows 10 and I use XMING for the display. I took the last git version of root which is 6.25/01. When I start a new TBrowser(), instead of starting the usual GUI, it is opening in my web browser. Could you please tell me if it is the normal behavior of the new version or if I am missing some libraries that are required to start the GUI. As root does not find the libraries, it is opening the TBrowser in my web browser.

Thanks a lot for the clarification.

Hi Thomas,

It is normal behavior.
By default, RBrowser started when one types new TBrowser.
It is done to let test its functionality and get feedback.
If you really require old functionality, you can specify in .rootrc file:

 Browser.Name:      TRootBrowser

see also ROOT: TBrowser Class Reference


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