TBrowser window

When I log on to my local machine I cannot open TBrowser window. Other X application, e.g. emacs, work fine. I have tried several DISPLAY settings but without success. When I use root on lxplus it works fine. Do I need to set some variable?
Thanks for the help.


Could you give more explanations?
-Where do you run ROOT? on your machine? or do you just want the display on your machine?

-which version of ROOT are you running? which compiler?


I am running ROOT on a machine at my home institute to which I log in from CERN. I am sitting at CERN and I would like to display the ROOT windows on my screen at CERN.

I am using ROOT Ver. 3.10.02 and rh73_gcc32.

Could you give more details? Are you getting a crash?
If yes, please send the gdb traceback.
I assume that you did
xhost + on the machine where you run the display
and setenv DISPLAY on the machine where you run ROOT.