TBrowser very slow via ssh -Y (X11 forwarding)


Maybe that’s more a Linux/ssh/X11 question, but my problem is hindering my work in ROOT, so I thought I should try here first.

When using ssh-Y to a locally connected server and opening TBrowser I have to wait a very long time for TBrowser to load (>10 seconds). When I hover over the menu, it expands only slowly and line by line. My colleagues sitting in the same room do not experience this, so something has to be wrong with my laptop it. When they connect from my laptop it still does not work.

I use Manjaro Linux 6.1.55-1 which is long-term-support and “recommended,” and just updated all my packages. The ping to the server is excellent (less than 1 ms) and the up- and downlink great (100 MB/s).

What could be wrong with my setup?

_ROOT Version: 6_26 and 6.06/8
Platform: locally Manjaro Linux 6.1.55-1, host Debian 11
Compiler: Not Provided

Hi @organoleptic,

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Indeed, I think it is not a ROOT problem itself, but probably your setup. I would recommend looking up the Manjaro Linux forum instead.



Starting from the ROOT 6.28 there is web-based TBrowser, which should perform much better on such slow remote node. You can read here how one can use RBrowser on remote node. Even more - we provide rootssh script which simplifies configuration of ssh tunnel for such kind of applications.

But you need to upgrade your ROOT yo v 6.28

@mczurylo yes, I will post my issue there as well. I just thought that this may be a more common problem and that someone else had solved this already.

@linev thanks for your answer! However, this does not address my issue since the remote node is super fast (!), but just not for me. It works brilliantly for all my colleagues sitting next to me.