TBrowser Opening in my Web Browser Instead of a ROOT File Explorer like Window


When open ROOT by typing root in the Command prompt or terminal, a new tab as a TBrowser in my web browser instead of the ROOT file explorer. Anyone knows how to fix it. I wanted it to open the file explorer. So that i can edit the root files in a new window instead of the browser tab.

ROOT Version: 6.28/04
Platform: Windows 10
Compiler: Clang or MinGW or somethin… not sure

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This is the new, web based ROOT Browser. If you want the old one, you can either start ROOT with root --web=off, or change these lines:

Browser.Name:                ROOT::Experimental::RWebBrowserImp
Canvas.Name:                TWebCanvas


Browser.Name:                TRootBrowser
Canvas.Name:                TRootCanvas

in your %USERPROFILE%\.rootrc (or in %ROOTSYS%\etc\system.rootrc)

Thanks, opening with the root web off worked

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