TBrowser lists whole directory tree of linux cluster

If I start ROOT (v5.18.00) and create a browser window by typing “TBrowser b”, then in the left hand window of this browser, what I would like to see is a list of the files in my current working linux directory.

Instead I see a list of files in the directory “/”, which is the very top level directory on the linux computer farm that I am using. Below this top level directory, I see the home directories of the hundreds of individual users on the computer farm. Amongst these, I see my own home directory and below that my current working linux directory. However, I would much prefer it if TBrowser could be persuaded to just show this working directory, instead of starting at “/”. Is there any way to do this?

Ian Tomalin

Hi Ian,

In the current version, the browser start from the current directory. E.g. with this command:
It starts as:

But you can still try to use the old browser, by changing, in $ROOTSYS/etc/system.rootrc or in your own $HOME/.rootrc, this value:

Browser.Name: TRootBrowserBy this one:

Browser.Name:                TRootBrowserLite

Cheers, Bertrand.