TBrowser doesn't open using root from lxplus

ROOT Version: v6-24-06
Platform: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS
Hello. I have a problem opening TBrowser using the ROOT from lxplus. I have a program in lxplus called RestFrames and I want to see the plots using the TBrowser from ROOT but it doesn’t open. I have tried to used the command “new TBrowser” and “TBrowser b” and nothing happens.
Also, I have installed ROOT locally in my computer and using the exact same commands I can open the TBrowser with no problem at all. Only in lxplus I can’t.


Welcome to the forum!

Do you use ssh to connect to the lxplus?
If so, then maybe you forgot the option -X to allow graphics to be transmitted as well, then you can try:
ssh -X usename@host

If this is the issue, then launching any applications with gui shouldn’t work, e.g. try to run gedit and see if its window will pop up