TBrowser Crash


Trying to run TBrowser I get a nerror message connected to a missing file “arrow_*.xpm”.

[lxplus041] ~/phast.6.016 > echo $ROOTSYS

[lxplus041] ~/phast.6.016 > echo $PATH

[lxplus041] ~/phast.6.016 > echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH
[lxplus041] ~/phast.6.016 > root

  •                                     *
  •    W E L C O M E  to  R O O T       *
  •                                     *
  • Version 3.10/02 16 December 2003 *
  •                                     *
  • You are welcome to visit our Web site *
  •      [root.cern.ch](http://root.cern.ch)            *
  •                                     *

FreeType Engine v2.1.3 used to render TrueType fonts.
Compiled for linux with thread support.

CINT/ROOT C/C++ Interpreter version 5.15.115, Dec 9 2003
Type ? for help. Commands must be C++ statements.
Enclose multiple statements between { }.

root [0] TBrowser b
Error in TGComboBox::TGComboBox: arrow_down.xpm not found
Error in TGVScrollBar::TGHScrollBar: arrow_*.xpm not found
Error in TGTreeLBEntry::TGTreeLBEntry: icon not found for entry Current dir

*** Break *** segmentation violation
Generating stack trace…
0x4135d411 in TGHorizontalLayout::Layout(void) + 0x149 from /afs/cern.ch/sw/root/v3.10.02/rh73_gcc2952/root/lib/libGui.so
0x4134b44b in TGCompositeFrame::Layout(void) + 0x27 from /afs/cern.ch/sw/root/v3.10.02/rh73_gcc2952/root/lib/libGui.so
0x4133cd75 in TGComboBox::SetTopEntry(TGLBEntry *, TGLayoutHints *) + 0xb9 from /afs/cern.ch/sw/root/v3.10.02/rh73_gcc2952/root/lib/libGui.so

Does anybody have an idea how to solve this problem ??

thanks in advance

 Peter Fauland

not a TBrowser problem.
The problem is known and reported some time ago
by Valeriy Dorofeev. IMHO, afs/cern.ch/sw/root/v3.10.02/rh73_gcc2952/root
simply needs to be rebuild. For a moment, could you
move to gcc3.2?

Regards. Valeriy