TBrowser crash in Windows 10

Hello ROOTers,

Recently I am encountering this problem: upon starting a TBrowser session, the whole ROOT stops responding without any stacktrace, and the only way out is to close the terminal. It happened with v6.26, I updated to v6.28 one year ago and the probem disappeared, only to appear again now. Re-installing didn’t solve the issue.

Thank you all in advance

ROOT Version: 6.28.02
Platform: Windows 10

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Can you give more details? How did you install ROOT? Which exact version did you install (exact name of the file)? Is there anything printed on the ROOT prompt? Is the CPU 100% busy? Do you have a special startup script (e.g. .rootrc or rootlogon.C)? Can you try the latest release (6.30.06)?
And no need to say I never seen such a behavior…

Installed via: root_v6.28.02.win64.vc17.exe installer
No output on root prompt
CPU at rest (only program running)
There is a system.rootrc

And I forgot to mention, the web browser works fine, this only happens with the local one.

There were several changes in the Web GUI recently I would advise to take the latest version, or use the old GUI (not the Web based one)

In fact the problem comes from the old GUI.

OK, then I have no clue

Installing v6.28.12 the problem disappared. Given the periodicity, I may suppose some Windows updates interfere with the GUI.
Thanks for the suggestions

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