TBB, VDT and VECCORE download failed when installing ROOT 6.14.06 using cmake

I was trying to install ROOT 6.14.06 in my Ubuntu 18.04 machine, I tried with the following command cmake /pathe to source
and then make -j4 (cmake --build . – -j4)
but i am getting error when cmake is trying to download TBB, VDT and VECCORE, I’ve attached the error file,
I have an active internet but behind a proxy, so my question is is this because of proxy firewall, if so how can I sort out the problem? pls helpTBB-download-err.txt (113.4 KB)

You don’t need to compile ROOT yourself, you can just grab our precompiled binaries for Ubuntu (after you made sure all prerequisites are installed on your system).

You can find the instructions on root.cern under “download ROOT”.

Hope this helps,

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Dear Enrico,

Thank you very much for your help. Since my machine has gcc 7.3 installed so I downloaded the compatible binary version and only by setting the path of thisroot.sh file on .bashrc it is working nicely.
Thanking you,

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