TASPaletteEditor: Window / Level function


When using TASImage::StartPaletteEditor(), you can apply the TImagePalette only to a certain range of pixels by moving the two vertical blue lines in the pixel histogram. This nicely enhances the contrast in the pixel range of interest.

This means somehow somewhere must be a function which adjusts the image palette according to the pixel values of the two blue lines (btw, in a lot of imaging application the parametrization rather seems to be “level” = center pixel value and “window” = pixel range).

I would like to use this functionality in my own application, but I could not find access to it. So, before I start reinventing the wheel and mess with the palettes myself, I would like to make sure I haven’t overlooked anything.

My question: is the function available for public use or not?


These are functions of TPaletteEditor, which are not public. They can be simply made public and I have a dirty code locally, for I had a need to access those functions and modify palette from my program. However, I had no time to improve the code and upload it here…

I made it work with some dirty local code as well, but I still thinks it’s a nice idea to make the TPaletteEditor functions public…