TArrow problem

Dear ROOT developers,

The end shape of TArrow object is not properly copied by TObject::DrawClone method.
I took a look at the source and found that this is simply because
the attribute of TArrow specified by the option of the constructor
is not passed to new object created by TObject::DrawClone function.
Besides, the end shape cannot be set by GUI, which is quite incovenient.

I hope these two will be fixed in the next release.


The problem was not in DrawClone, but in TArrow::Paint that was not
using the internal option (set by the constructor). This problem is now fixed in the CVS version.
Concerning the GUI, we implemented the TArrowEditor class several weeks ago in version 4.01/04. With this version you should be able to edit all the TArrow parameters.

I take this opportunity to remind users to ALWAYS indicate which version of ROOT they are using when sending mails to roottalk or this Forum.
This saves time.


Thank you for your reply and I am sorry that I forgot to indicate the ROOT version I am using.

I appreciate that above problems has been fixed in the CVS version,
but I have often found that the CVS version contains other problems,
which might be a result of new features being implemented,
and cannot be used for work.
So I would like to suggest creating another branch dedicated to bug fixes
for already released versions.
Doesn’t this make sence?