TArrow do not change its shape

Dear you,

My ROOT:ROOT 5.34/00 (branches/v5-34-00-patches@44569, Jun 05 2012, 15:31:56 on win32)

I have several TArrow on a divided TCanvas, its very strange that the shape of the TArrow can not be changed by the Editor (from right click menu), , for example change the shape from ----->to -----|>, it do not work.

The C file is attached here, use .x bsp-cut.C to run it.

Thank you.
bsp-cut.C (359 KB)

Click the arrow with the “right mouse button”. In the new newly displayed “TArrow” menu choose “SetDrawOption”. In the newly displayed “TArrow::SetDrawOption” field enter your desired new shape -|> and then click “OK”.

This way works, thank you very much.