TArc draws TEllipse instead?!

Hi fellow Rooters,

I’m attempting to draw an arc in a TCanvas using the canvas toolbar. I start a TCanvas with

TCanvas *c1 = new TCanvas();

followed by “View” -> “Toolbar” clicked to yes, and then click on the “arc” button followed by drag-and-drop. An ellipse is drawn instead of the expected open arc. By right-clicking over the drawn elements, the correct element types are identified (TArc, TEllipse, …). Am I doing something wrong here or is this normal?

I’m using ROOT 4.04/02b compiled from source on a Debian Linux flavour (Paipix).

Thanks in advance for your help.

Never mind, I’m answering my own question now. :blush:

  1. Draw the TArc, as it shows an ellipse.
  2. Point over the “ellipsed” TArc and select SetPhiMin and enter a number in degrees. Do the same for SetPhiMax.
  3. Finally, also do the same to set the SetNoEdges option.

There. :slight_smile: