I’ve been running ROOT by using the XCode IDE with the ROOT libraries added. Currently, I am trying to create a new TApplication. My main function is

int main(int argc, char** argv) {


Inside the main, I have

TApplication* apple = new TApplication(“apple”, &argc, argv);

I am fairly sure (but not certain) that I have the right library included, since the program recognizes the class TApplication, but whenever I try to run the code I receive the error EXC_BAD_ACCESS when I hit that line. Does anyone know what the problem is? Have I forgotten some crucial library, or something else?

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If the main contains solely the TApplication call, then indeed I would expect that there is a mismatch between the header and the library loaded. Please check carefully your configuration that both the include and library path (and ROOTSYS variable) points to the same version of ROOT.