Talk about Root on a C++ podcast?


Do you know about cppcast? It is a C++ podcast with interviews of C++ developers. I thought it would be a good idea to talk about Root in cppcast, so I sent the hosts this message:

I am writing to you to suggest that you invite as a guest someone from
the Root project at CERN. Root is a C++ Data Analysis package with
one outstanding feature: a C++ interpreter which can be used as a

Beyond that, Root is a huge package with numerical libraries which use
some nice tricks for high performance computing and interactive data
analysis (parallel I/O, distributed computing, lazy evaluation of
functional data analysis pipelines, etc.).

The Root forum is very active and it should not be difficult to find
somebody there to talk about it in your show.

I hope they get in touch with the Root core developers and help spread the word :grinning: