Tags for Forum Threads

Is it possible to add a cmake tag for the forum? This helps make the forum more searchable.


When you create a thread one of the options is to add an optional tag. And now I see that I can just make up the tag that I wanted, something wrong with my browser previously which was preventing me from creating a new tag.

Sorry for the noise.

It’s what I was about to tell, I just tried on this topic (and another one you created), and it works just fine…

Cheers, Bertrand.

Ah, that is why it was working now and not earlier. I can not add tags that have never been used before. (I just tried to tag this with the tag ‘tag’ and it says “No matches found” and will not store what I typed.) Since you had added the cmake tag I was able to use it.

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OK, then I suppose I solved the issue :slight_smile:

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Actually I disabled tags for now. My impression is that there are less people using tags effectively than those being confused by the ambiguity of tags versus categories. And I find the text search impressively good, I hope it’s enough for you…

But I counted your vote for tags; let’s see whether there are more people missing them!


I understand, I was even confused as to why I was not permitted to create them. I agree that getting the category correct is more important than the tag.

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Well, the main advantage of tags is that one can add several to one singe topic (e.g. cmake, windows, ninja)

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I also think that tags are a good idea.
If you don’t want everybody to create his/her own tags then allow only “trusted users” to maintain them.

I’m looking for arguments - what’s your motivation to enable tags, could you elaborate?


As Bertrand says … you can add multiple tags.
So, you can have a general purpose “geant4” tag and another experiment specific tags, like “atlas”, “lhcb” and so on (note for example that different experiments use different ROOT versions so there will be “experiment-specific” problems).
So, if someone looks for a “geant4”-specific or “atlas”-specific software problem, [s]he might simply ask for the “geant4” or “atlas” tag. But then you may want to look at “geant4” in “atlas” (so, one asks for both tags to be present), and so on.
I guess it’s fine if new tags can be assigned only by “trusted users”.

I believe at the moment that only people with the Regular of Leader trust level are permitted to create tags. (This is why I could not create one at the Member level.) Seeing as how there are only currently 4 users at those levels it shouldn’t be too much of an issue for having large number of people creating bad tags.

Fair enough, thanks for the feedback - tags are back!


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If tags are back, can someone create a Jupyter tag?

Done! You now have a Jupyter tag.

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How about a ‘hadd’ tag?

Done! You now have an hadd tag.

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