Tab completion in pyROOT in an IDE environment

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had any instructions / insights for getting tab completion working with pyROOT in an IDE environment? (using MS Visual Studio Code in particular but also interested in general).

For me, it already works using the jupyter notebooks, can the same be done in an IDE?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi @bellenot, thanks for the reply. I tried the solution in the thread but it didn’t work. Perhaps it is only for C++?

Sorry, but I can’t help here. Maybe @etejedor has an idea… And note that this is not really a ROOT related issue…


Autocompletion for PyROOT in Jupyter is provided by this module:

Please note that the case of an IDE is different, since the code is not running as it is in a Jupyter notebook. In this regard, PyROOT is special, because it does everything lazily: no Python equivalent for any C++ class exists a priori, all the lookups and done dynamically at execution time via ROOT and its C++ meta classes. This makes it challenging to provide autocompletion in IDEs for PyROOT.

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