Symbol vector<double>vec is not defined in current sco

Hi, I recently installed ROOT on my mac os 10.4.10. Everything seems to be working fine except when I use C++ vectors by command line or macro I get the following error:

root [1] vector <double> vec; Error: Symbol vector<double>vec is not defined in current scope (tmpfile):1: *** Interpreter error recovered *** root [2]

if I enter
vector vec;
it appears to work fine until I try and use it:

root [0] vector <int> vec; root [1] vec.push_back(1) Error: Can't call vector<int,allocator<int> >::push_back(1) in current scope (tmpfile):1: Possible candidates are... (in vector<int,allocator<int> >) *** Interpreter error recovered ***

Am I not including some libraries or are they in the wrong place?

It works on my university linux computer and I am using the same rootlogon and .rootrc files.

It works fine if I pre-compile a macro with .x mymacro.C+

Details of installtion:

my mac: mac os 10.4.10 intel (mac book pro)

ROOT Version 5.16/00 27 June 2007

installed in: /Applications/root/

in my .bash_profile I have:
export ROOTSYS=/Applications/root
export PATH=$PATH:$ROOTSYS/bin

my .bashrc files starts with:
*.Root.DynamicPath: .:~/rootlibs:$ROOTSYS/lib

(does this make sense? I don’t have a ~/rootlibs folder)

I recently installed QT as I have been trying to compile the latest version of LyX.

Also used FinkCommander and i-Installer to install some linux software, I don’t know if they could have messed with any settings.

Any other settings it would be useful to know?

Look forward to solving this one,

Cheers, Chris.

You must include


Oh, silly me. Didn’t realise you could #include direct to the terminal. I added this to my .rootlogon and it works now.